.:: 每一个心情是诗 阅读是一种幸福 音乐是生命的旋律 照片是生活一点一滴的记忆::.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

4th Time Climbing Mt. Kinabalu ^^

YESS!! I still managed to get to the TOP! kekeke with Takashi's unconditional love and support hehe well, he was the only person I could depend on... hehe but I got really really bad food poisoning after the climb though... must be the beef/lamb they served us T.T had to lie on bed for a week.... chammm nice and tough experience for us :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

主人車禍亡 忠犬苦守現場2個月

=T.T= =T.T= =T.T= =T.T=

男子蔡 X X 半年前騎機車不幸車禍身亡,他受託代為暫時照顧的小狗「小花」為找尋這位臨時的主人,遍繞澎湖島尋覓,歷經兩個多月後,終於找到事故現場,從此落地苦守主人機車寸步不離,也不准旁人接近,澎湖沙港村里傳為美談。

今年七月十三日傍晚五時卅分許,五十七歲蔡 X X 獨自騎乘機車DKW—792從馬公東衛里北上湖西鄉沙港村找朋友,行經澎十一號道路不慎摔車,安全帽脫落、頭部撞擊地面顱內出血,緊急送醫搶救五天後身故。

小花繞遍澎湖 兩個月找到機車



家屬移車被狗吠 決定繼續飼養



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dad vs. Nisha =)

DAD was so funny this afternoon, we (mom, sheri, justin and I) got an emergency call from dad when we were on our way to Damai after doing some shopping @ city mall... Dad was like: "我看你要带Nisha去看兽医, 它好像要死了。。 好像不会动了。。" [I think you should take Nisha to the vet now, she looks like she's going to die, she's not moving much now] We then immediately rushed home and saw dad on his way to go jogging..... And when we got home, sheri, justin and I rushed out from the car n entered the house from back door, shouting "Nisha~~~~~ nisha~~~" and then..... we saw nisha....... nisha......... nisha............ nisha............

Nisha was "jumping" happily towards us and waving her tails intensely like usual.... "eeeh?" Isn't nisha going to die?...... mmmm?" muahahahaha we got nisha with us and brought her to Damai, and called dad again "Nisha where got going to die... shes like jumping around" and dad was like "She was going to vomit, probably havent been eating, and she couldn't go down the stairs, 脚软。。" okay.......

We then went straight to a pet shop in Damai to buy new dry food for Nisha, because she has been struggling to eat this super fishy dry food that she really hates, and her heartless mom bought like 4kg to keep at home.. poor nisha~ has been resisting to eat for like months now~ We went to this pet shop before and the boss wasn't in so better for us, cuz the last time he refused to give us sample to let nisha try the food, the "abang" (this is how sheri addressed this malay zai) very nice and he voluntarily let nisha tried a couple dry food samples, and finally Nisha ate the chicken-flavored ones made for puppies... the "abang" asked how many months was nisha.. and we were like.. umm.. turning 3!!!!! muahaha.. He said its ok "high protein also" okok.. so we bought this one .... Nisha thought shes still a puppy!!! '=.=

So we got home and mix this new dry food with wet food as usual, and managed to get nisha finish her food for the first time in a long long time~ Great! ^^ At least dad's emergency call has in turn helped Nisha to eat healthier~ hehe.. When dad got home and we were discussing about this matter, dad was saying we should throw that fishy dry food away and get some flavoured dry food like chicken or lamb for nisha, something taste good for her to eat.. hmmmmmm we were like "since when dad cares about nisha? hehehe" before he left the computer room, he was complaning at nisha's new ball that sylvia recently bought for her in Singapore that..... "the ball is so heavy!!!! how can nisha carry that around? Her teeth going to break.. the tennis ball is heaps better.. you should throw the tennis ball........" .......... muahahaha so funnyyyyyyyy

Nisha's recent pics~~~~~

awwwwwww~ so cuteeeeeee~ nishaaaaaa~ nishaaaaaa~~~ lai lai~ kuaiiii~~ hehehe oh this is the ball that dad complained of... heheheh

*We going to give away the smelly fishy dry food to Moshi!! Muahahaha"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tampuruli Shops Burnt Down =(

Saddddddd!!!!! AH GONG's shop burnt down last Tues (9/12) 5am in the morning.. Papa, Justin and I went to Tampuruli this morning to pay a visit to uncles and aunties whose shops and home were brutally swallowed by fire last week .. 3 of my cousins' shops were destroyed - oldest uncle grocery and stationery shops, and another uncle's kopi tiam n home (he n auntie live upstairs).. sadddddddd... these shops were old and there were many memories, the earliest memories from childhood for me, my sis/bro n I believe for all my cousins on my mom side as well. We always stopped by at their shops to get free snacks n drinks when traveling to Mt Kinabalu or Kiulu for water rafting~ sigh sigh~ In fact, my oldest uncle inherited the grocery shop from my grandpa~ so lots of precious memories especially for my mom who grew up in Tampuruli~

So we met uncles n aunties and fortunately they were not seemed too depressed at all... Dad suggested to go on vacation during CNY so they dont have to worry too much about it, and what else can Dad suggest besides gambling in Macau? I thought it was only dad's desire to go to Macau... but my uncles were like "oh yeah, my passport got burnt but no problem at all.. I can reissue new passport easily......... " and they kept going on and on about casinos and how the Chinese government now restricts their own people to enter Macau so the money dont flow out to all the US casinos............. And finally, they talked about rebuilding the shops but it will cost about 500K so not sure if the shops will be rebuilt and oldest uncle said he will retire formally now Hehe.

My family n I were planning to go to Okinawa to experience the Cherry Blossom festivals this CNY but flights were fully booked from HK, Taipei, Shanghai .. a bit too late to plan so dad postponed to 2010~ sad sad~ I don't mind Macau though cuz I can go bungee jump n I love gambling, but sylvia n sheri n gary probably find it uninteresting, as sylvia said, she been thr 4 times ady this year... n they not keen to gamble at all =.=

Another sad news is Takashi wont be coming to KK anymore this Christmas =T.T= =T.T= =T.T= =T.T= He's in Taiwan now... and he's too busy to make time .. plus I think the ticket quite expensive to book now.. I prefer him to save money and spend it on food... Uncle Allen (Justin's dad) met him in Tokyo last week for dinner and he told me that Takashi has lost weight T.T They met in KK before hehe Uncle also told me he's a good guy , a very smart guy and he cares about me very much :D :D :D :D but .. but .. but .. but but but but BUT uncle asked if I can get used to marrying a Japanese guy as he will be a very busy man like how he is now and that means he will not have much time to spend with me......... aaaaaahhh nonononono We now focus on our own career first <-- I replied. Very irrelevant answer I know =P

Ok lets talk about some good news now, another cousin of mine got pregnant!! woohoo~~~ my oldest uncle's youngest daughter, fen fen jie jie, 4 months old pregnant! Her very first baby so im really happy for her =) I just hope that she will experience a great birth and have a healthy baby in June next year which is my last wish for this year :) Also Congratulations!! to my best friend, Michiyo for passing all her exams~ hehehe Cant wait for you to come home, kiak kiak!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Last 3 Pics in My Camera

While I was stucked in Brunei - the lousy hotel they provided = Orchid Garden Hotel (4 star) = ... the check-in took forever with broken phones, super slow internet, unexciting breakfast... and they even forgot to put my flymate's apple strudels (6 boxes) in the fridge and left it at the reception till the next morning... yes hopeless..... the room looks nice though :)

Nisha trying out her new outfit, a gift from her mom who abandoned her few months ago.. poor Nisha.. She's good at posing, cooperates well with camera on my commands! Wooo~ I love Nisha :) Nisha's birthday is coming!! = 25th Dec = and she will be turning 3 ^^

Justin who traveled 10+hours to KK, playing XBox for 72 hours since his arrival... He was teaming up with his mates in Oz, playing the most violent game ever.. He seriously came all the way here to play GAMES, because he is currently playing Sheri's Nintendo DSL (1.30am). OK, I'm hoping to bring him to pulau this Sunday. I'm just too lazy to even move my finger these days. Thanks to Sylvia's hospitality in Singapore, I got diarrhea from Day one until I sat in the plane on my way back to KK....... jiejie, I lau sai 3 times after you dropped me at the airport.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Doggie Shots

My favourite shots taken by myself using ma sister's SLR camera. We took the dogs to a doggie park today....

While Dan2 was waiting impatiently before leaving the house ^^ Sooo cutee!


Labby2 resting after playing the whole afternoon~


My most fav shot of Dan2~ PERFECT :) I bet Takashi will be happy to see this pic ^^
**** Quick Update ****
Its my second day in Singapore now and will be going back to KK on Tuesday. Came all the way here to have my follow-up appointment at national eye centre and also to pick up Justin tomorrow who will be flying all the way from Melbourne and then send him off the next day to KK ... He'll be staying for a month and can't wait to see his grown up face =P
I will then be flying to KL on the 18th for 5 days to go gamble with my dad at genting highlands and.... shop!!!!! till drop... Takashi is planning to come visit me again this christmas just to see Orang Utan! not me :( hehe but I will be the happiest person in the world if I get to see him end of this year. But I hate it when he leaves. His presence always makes me feel heaven and hell. U know, a glimpse of heaven and a taste of hell... I hate to see him leave. If he's coming, he will only be staying for no more than a week. Busy man. Short holiday and flying everywhere. I think he's flying to Taiwan next week and L.A. early Jan.. I said "I think" bcuz I havent been talking to him much lately bcuz he's BUSY!
I can keep myself busy too ok! Yoko is coming to visit me in KK middle of Jan and I've booked 3 days 2 nite tour to Pulau Sipadan with her and my beloved cousin, Cyril!!! For your information, Yoko used to be my Japanese language partner and also my very first Japanese friend who I was obligated to meet weekly to complete our weekly task in order to pass my Jap subject at uni... and that is how we became really close friends now :) I'm so happy for her that she has passed all her exams and that she has successfully applied for a cruise ship job as a beautician. Like really good cruise ship. They will first send her to London for training before starting her job and that means I won't be seeing her for at least a year :( sad sad~ but I am really glad for her because this is what she always wanted and the best part is she will get paid really well and once she finishes the job she will have enough earnings to open her own beauty saloon in Japan :)
Ohh this is meant to be a quick update.. Takashi is calling now.. I better return to skype~ Hope everyone is enjoying the very last bit of 2008 which will be long forgetten when 2009 comes.... :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Time Gardener ^^

oOOoooo.... my weekend not as exciting as Jian Ping's... no fishing no badminton no cycling =P its cleaning day today so I woke up at 11.30am to start cleaning the kitchen.. the 2 pigs are still in wonderland, cheryl is cramming for test... and nicole is all lovey dovey with her bf hahahaa but I prefer cleaning on my own, cuz I can take my time, listen to songs, blogging and clean at my own pace =)

Half way cleaning the kitchen, I decided to move on to the garden to pluck all the weeds .... using only 2 gloves which I found from the kitchen! hahahaa yes kitchen gloves!!!

This bunch of grass gave me a hard time... I've tried all ways to remove this stubborn roots.. rotational, horizontal and vertical directions all attempted but just wouldn't tear out... I then recall meteor garden's 杉菜..... the meaning of wild grass... Meanwhile, I was hoping to find some new interesting species like HinChing's dad did which made world news!!!! And what I found was........

OK this is the most interesting species I found ... the others were like boring worms, grasshoppers......

o0oo this is like the only flower in the garden... at least Im able to differentiate the good and bad plants ok.. haha so precious~

After all my hard work.. OK whos going to finish up the mess now?

3pm: Everyone is out to help cleaning now woooohooo.. I better finish up my work too ohhhhhhhhh the legendary Chan's megastick.... (Phobaeticus chani, world's longest insect and HinChing's dad) taken this year....

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

ohh I then used the BBQ spatula to help me pluck that bunch of stubborn grass out =)

Friday, November 28, 2008


そんな表情(かお)で 僕に触れないで
ねぇどうして 黙ってるの?

元気そうで よかったけれど
それがなぜか 聞けなかった
僕は今を 抱きしめる

恋だとか 愛だとか
カタチなんて どうでもいい
泣きたいほど 切なくなるよ

好きだから 貴女の
きっと 僕にはできない

もしも 今が 幸せなら
ずっと そばにいられなくてもいい
見つめあえば 何も言えないよ

貴女は僕の 大切な人だから

ふたり 距離が もどかしい
泣けないほど 切なくなるよ

好きなのに 想いの
もっと 僕にはできない

もしも 今が 幸せなら
ずっと そばにいられなくてもいい
想うだけで 何もいらないよ

貴女は僕の 大切な人だから

ねぇ僕には 何ができるだろう?
だって貴女は 今も優しい
それがなぜか 聞けなくて
僕は 夢を抱きしめる

Thursday, November 27, 2008



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


每次我總 一個人走
交叉路口 自己生活

這次你卻說帶我走 某個角落 就你和我
像土壤抓緊花的迷惑 像天空纏綿雨的洶湧

在你的身後 計算的步伐每個背影每個場景 都有發過的夢

帶我走 到遙遠的以後
帶走我 一個人自轉的寂寞
帶我走 就算我的愛 你的自由 都將成為泡沫
我不怕 帶我走

保持沉默 不皺眉頭
如此溫柔 從此以後

像土壤抓緊花的迷惑 像天空纏綿雨的洶湧
在你的身後 計算的步伐每個背影每個場景

帶我走 到遙遠的以後
帶走我 一個人自轉的寂寞
帶我走 就算我的愛 你的自由 都將成為泡沫
我不怕 帶我走

停在海岸結成了沫 哦~


帶我走 到遙遠的以後
帶走我 一個人自轉的寂寞
帶我走 就算我的愛 你的自由 都將成為泡沫
我不怕 帶我走

帶我走 就算我的愛 你的自由 都將成為泡沫

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nuuude ><

First nude photo session ever on Saturday ^^
Wish I can share the OTHERS but of course they are only for.... :) :) :) :)

p.s. Thanks to WN, SY n my partner in crime Pris

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pretty Accurate!

你出生日期所隱藏的秘密 :)

1号 富有独立精神的野心家。因为包容心强又喜欢照顾别人,身边会围绕许多仰慕者。

Cyril^^ 2号 性格温柔,喜爱和平,是个感情丰富的浪漫主义者。缺点是容易为一点小事就受伤害。

  3号 洋溢艺术天分,虽然性情令人捉摸不定,但是基本上还是属於受欢迎的一型。

  4号 严谨认真,凡事都会脚踏实地努力耕耘。不过自我意识颇强烈,不善於和他人协调。

  5号 脑筋动得很快,拥有适应变化的能力。喜欢追求刺激,较难安於现状。

6号 个性温和而且稳重。最大的特色就是不论对任何人,都可以表现得既亲切又宽大。

  7号 感受力敏锐,非常懂得察言观色。不过缺乏和周围协调的能力,注意不要变得太自我中心

  8号 一旦下定决心,便充满干劲全力以赴。这种个性的人朋友多,敌人也多。

  9号 善解人意,又富有博爱精神。容易感情用事,也容易受到环境左右。

  10号 意志力坚强,不服输,独立心也十分旺盛。需注意不要流於莽撞行事。

  11号 性格浪漫又多愁善感,是个肯努力的理想主义者,能够尽情享受丰富的人生。

  12号 具有华丽高贵的气质,对各种事物都抱有兴趣,常识丰富,教养良好。

Sophie^^  13号 个性冷静谨慎,即使再细微的细节也能注意到。再加上本性诚实,能得到许多人的信赖。

  14号 头脑清楚,好奇心旺盛,乐於追求快感,又行事冲动;不可思议的是运气总是很好,很少失败。

Sheri^^  15号 意志力很强,立定目标後无论遇上任何挫折,都会排除万难达成。通常都很喜欢照顾别人。

Daddy & Michiyo^^  
16号 聪明、做事情有条理,不轻易受别人影响,做什麽都有自己的一套。

  17号 平常看起来温和体贴,其实主观很强,有时候会出现大胆行动,让身边的人大吃一惊。

Darling^^  18号 性格非常极端,不是意志坚定勇往直前;就是感情用事随波逐流。

  19号 想像力丰富,有个性又有才华。不过自尊心很强,而且有好强不服输的倾向。

  20号 是个性喜和平的浪漫主义者 。运气虽然不错,但如太过任性,将会遇上意想不到的挫折。

  21号 开朗快活,充满活力,到哪里都很有人气。是凡事都往好处想的乐天主义者。

  22号 认真而且责任感很强,只要不刚愎自用,做生意成功的机率很大。

  23号 挑战心旺盛,学什麽都能很快上手。问题是喜新厌旧,而且欠缺耐性。

  24号 拥有敦厚慈爱的人品,所以即使个性神经质,遇到低潮时,身边的人都愿意伸出援手。

ME!! ^o44^  25号 看事情不求深入,随著好奇心行动,到处累积经验。个性独立。热爱自由。

  26号 耐压力特强,即使肩头责任重大,也能够处理得稳稳当当,是个实行主义者。

Gary^^  27号 有个性□感情也丰富。拥有应付各种状况的机智,若能掌握时机,成为成功人士的机会很大。

  28号 韧性很强,拥有战胜困难的力量。这天出生的女性,常给人一种妖□的印象。

Mummy^^ 29号 人生的道路似乎波折不断,容易感情用事不过运气和生命力都很强,必定能够成功,获得幸福。

  30号 拥有语言文笔艺术等天分。 缺点是容易沈浸於逸乐,而缺乏责任感。

  31号 诚实认真很清楚自己的人生目标,能依照自己的信念和原则过一辈子。但个性有些顽固。

Monday, November 17, 2008


Its 2am now.. and I'm going to bed very soon :) I was planning to cram till 6am merely due to my guilt over napping for 4 hours unintentionally this afternoon.

The exam stress has obviously not hit me yet. Am feeling stressed because I haven't found myself stressing over exams yet. I should get a bit more tense so that I stop procrastinating. But I have been working on the case studies and I could have done more today ><

The back support cushion that I bought for my dad has arrived today! ^^ I tried using it while I was studying (with the plastic wrap still on) and realised I had been placing it the other way round. Then I started doubting if I am a physio student and soon-to-be graduate.

The PCR session was quite helpful today. Had Japanese food for lunch with Gene, Yang and Sachi. Been trying to help my dad to organize his "number lost count" gambling trip to Genting Highland before christmas. I would actually prefer to go to Macau but AirAsia doesnt fly to Macau anymore :( and dad is going to Macau this weekend with his buddies for more gambling sessions so he prefers to go to KL. So from physio POV, back pain doesn't actually help to stop gambling habit, it's definitely one of the risk factors for his back pain for prolonged sitting in the plane and the casino. Hehe plus he will sure lose money, another risk factor for back pain as a result of increased stress level.

Ohhhh I just ate my last mokomoko (from Takashi).... I was starving in the middle of the night. Checked the fridge 3 times. Nothing good to eat as expected. And decided to sacrifice this precious thing that I have kept for ages. hehehee I strongly recommend you guys to try it~ Its easy to make and you can get it from the asian stores in NorthBridge.

MokoMoko ^^ (Instant CupCake)

Add one egg (and instant coffee if you like), mix well together then heat it up in the microwave for 1.5 mins and the result......

oOooooo obviously a few minor miscalculations had influenced the result. Haha. The cup was a bit too small for the cupcake. So I squeezed it down a bit before taking this photo =P

Takashi a bit upset recently cuz I haven't been spending much time skyping with him over 1/52. He managed to book a time to talk to me at 2.30am so I better get ready now :) :) :) :)

[12:57:18 AM] yt says: いつも
[12:57:31 AM] yt says: 食べる:勉強=70:30

[12:57:34 AM] yt says: へへ
[12:57:38 AM] yt says: no
[12:57:59 AM] yt says: 寝る:食べる:勉強=50:20:10???

[12:58:12 AM] yt says: no
[12:58:48 AM] yt says: 貴志:寝る:食べる:勉強=99:0.7:0.2:0.1

[12:59:32 AM] yt says: okok
[1:00:00 AM] yt says: おまえの 頭脳 も 「もこもこ」

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I believe

You are the only one
who can save me from myself.

You are the only one
who would save me from myself.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


我和你啊 存在一種危險關係
彼此挾持 這另一部分的自己

相愛變成 猜忌懷疑的爛遊戲
規則是要 憋著呼吸越靠越近
但你的溫柔 是我唯一沉溺
你是愛我的 就不怕有縫隙

讓一切歸零 在這聲巨響
我不掙扎 反正我也 沒差

相愛變成 猜忌懷疑的爛遊戲
規則是要 憋著呼吸越靠越近
但你的溫柔 是我唯一沉溺
你是愛我的 就不怕有縫隙

讓一切歸零 在這聲巨響
我不掙扎 反正我也 沒差 哦

你滿意嗎 我們都別 說謊

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photo for CV

oOooo... this is the best most formal picture I can find to attach on my resume....

Introduce you my "sa bao" (what yenwei always calls) or takoyaki (by T)
Fake Smile I know T.T

I've been working on my CV for the past few days and finally sent it to 5 employers today~ for sure there are many job opportunities out there in Melbourne.. but I havent actually decided where I want to work yet... public... private... public... private... public.... private....

I should probably focus on my PCR exam first.... 2 weeks to go... I should stress more... And I am sooooooo happy now because ......... its weekend soon :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

楊宗緯 - 鴿子

我們是想飛向藍天的鴿子 確定方向不會迷失 
跟著快樂王子 一起尋找幸福的地址
我們是永遠充滿愛的鴿子 迎著風張開雙翅 
保持優美的滑翔姿勢 Forever就是我們的堅持

有一種感動 它的名字叫念舊
就算襯衫有點皺 球鞋有點破
就算鄉音有點難懂 我卻是情有獨鍾

放下沈重的包袱 心靈從此解脫
換上夾腳拖鞋 雙腳重獲自由
最難過的難過 我也已經度過

我們是想飛向藍天的鴿子 確定方向不會迷失 
跟著快樂王子 一起尋找幸福的地址
我們是永遠充滿愛的鴿子 迎著風張開雙翅 
保持優美的滑翔姿勢 Forever就是我們的堅持

有一種感動 它的名字叫念舊
就算襯衫有點皺 球鞋有點破
就算鄉音有點難懂 我卻是情有獨鍾

放下沈重的包袱 心靈從此解脫
換上夾腳拖鞋 雙腳重獲自由
最難過的難過 我也已經度過

我們是想飛向藍天的鴿子 確定方向不會迷失 
跟著快樂王子 一起尋找幸福的地址
我們是永遠充滿愛的鴿子 迎著風張開雙翅 
保持優美的滑翔姿勢 Forever就是我們的堅持

我們是想飛向藍天的鴿子 確定方向不會迷失 
跟著快樂王子 一起尋找幸福的地址
我們是永遠充滿愛的鴿子 迎著風張開雙翅 
保持優美的滑翔姿勢 Forever就是我們的堅持


Friday, October 24, 2008


最近觉得有点不舒服 连呼吸都有点吃力
难道。。。。。 难道。。。。。 我。。。。。 怀孕了吗?
=哈哈哈 ありえへん! (a-ri-e-hen) --> IMPOSSIBLE!=

没什么胃口 看到病人想吐。。。
好希望能想他们一样躺在床上 "choi x 3"
没有想要生病的意思, 只想好好休息。。

哈哈哈 没有骗人的哦

发现每一次的医院实习, 表现的落差都很大
不是差点被fail掉, 就是被大家说的很好。

Cardio - 第一次到医院实习, 差一点fail。。 老师和环境都并不很友善, 不什么解释医院程序, 我笨到被清洁工人笑 误以为她是护士, 种种困难像面对着病人 脑海中却一篇空白, 问无关蠢问题, 不小心踢 oxygen bottle (4 次) 整个ward的人都盯着我看, 被老师直拷问 然后被医生偷笑,第一次自己的病人突然去世。。。。 几次都哭着驾车回家。 真惨。 最后刚刚好pass的吧。 呵呵。

Gerontology - 老师对我说我会成为很好的physio, 因为我很认真关心病人, 很多学生都没有这样的特质,只是最好不要迟到 (哈哈) - 她还很愿意地做我resume的推荐人=lucky= 她有超过10年经验, 而且还读过几个PhD 所以有她挟持, 算幸运吧 v^.^v

Ortho inpatient - 很幸运地遇到一个非常厉害的老师。 简直把她当成偶像 ^.^ 从她身上学了很多很多,不管是Ax/Rx, 和不同种类的病人都能沟通地很完美, 不然就不会在贵医院上班吧。 以为她会对我很严格, 没料到她居然说我的time Mx很好, 很多学生都没有的潜能, 呵呵。 信心直升十倍。

Neurology - 不好意思说大家都给我个绰号叫"neuro王后" 哈哈哈 所以这次的经验是最棒的。 每个人都说很难, 我却很享受, 因为很有成就感, 老师也给了我很多未来在这一方面发展的意见。 虽然我对Neuro很有兴趣, 可惜 不能赚很多钱, 所以以后再说吧。。。。 呵呵。

Musculoskeletal - 跌倒谷底。 老师虽然和蔼可亲, 因为之前是neuro, 没有很多时间准备musculo, 所以遇到一些些瓶颈, 太多东西要读了, 病人次数也多一倍, 简直是忙翻了。 虽然还是pass, 并不觉得表现地很好,也哭了。 同学还说我想太多, 自我要求甚高。 他们不了解我的痛苦~~ 呵呵

Rural & remote - 现在的医院。 大家都很和善。 非常舒服。 pass应该不是问题。 只是。。。。。。

PCR 考试要来了。 我一点都还没准备。 我是笨蛋吗。。。。
好想念山本人, 他今天飞去台北了, 虽然他邀我去, 我也希望能跟他一起去, 现在是不可能的啦。乖乖准备PCR吧。。。。

头痛。。。。 好像尽快离开这个地方
不想回家 去哪里好呢。。。。。

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pure Milk

=Loving this pic ^.^=
Something to celebrate here :D
Mom once told me that I was unlike my other siblings, I didn't like drinking milk when I was only a few months old. What I loved was RIBENA, the number 1 selling blackcurrant fruit drink, mom used to put just tiny little dash of Ribena to my milk bottle and mix with lots of water, light red colour to trick me into drinking fluids. I hated milk till primary school. I remember the teachers used to give out free school milk before releasing us on friday afternoon, and luckily there were always choices :) strawberry, chocolate and pure white milk. And, chocolate milk has always been my favourite one.

When I then went to high school, I was always disgusted by the smell of it when I tried drinking milk. It somehow tasted weird & .. raw? can't find the word to describe it, the taste of it just made me feel revolting. Uuuuuee..

Only few weeks ago, I started to learn drinking milk :) It somehow didn't taste that disgusting at all. Hohohoho, Im starting to accept the taste~

Being an asian and therefore is highly susceptible to osteoporosis, me able to drink milk now is really something to celebrate, hehe it puts me to better sleep as well, good for my bones at least...

OK i know this is boring, but i just want to share :P take good care of your body as you grow older, everyone :)

Something that I don't eat at all, for example, pineapple because my tounge will normally go numb/tingling by just looking at it, and that's all I can think of for now after conquering milk :)

I dislike tomatoes but I don't mind eating them and I will choose not to eat them if I can. Takashi will eat anything except tomatoes and melon. I love all kind of fruits (not pineapple). I am like the fruit queen. Hehehehe. Something that I am proud of myself okkkkkk ^.^

I better go back to study... I am lost with PCR questions, can anyone give me the answers pls T.T

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

周杰伦 - 说好的幸福呢






我错了.泪干了.放手了 后悔了







我错了.泪干了.放手了 后悔了

怎麽了. 你累了.说好的.幸福呐.

我错了.泪干了.放手了 后悔了

只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着.要怎么停呐 !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Day in KK

I hate packing........ I wish someone is here to pack for me...... At least there's not much for me to pack this time cuz I will be coming back to kk again in Dec. hehehe

Last 6 weeks of uni life...... 1 prac & 1 exam

can't wait >.<

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Perfect eyesight now {=^.^=}

Just got back from Singapore this morning, safe and sound. Had a long nap till dinner and mom's curry chicken was really yummy~ Surgery was good because someone was thr with me (^_^) cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, watering the plants, walking the dogs, dripping eye drops for me ...... there's nothing better than being spoiled ^.^ I also met sylvia's puppies = dan dan & labby labby = & kept getting their names wrong, dan dan's legs are short and always get bullied by labby labby, poor dan dan... and labby labby is super hyperactive & she is a true attention seeker! both very very cute tho :) And finally, my dear sister Dr. Sylvia hasn't changed much except looking more stressful, as casual as she has always been, and its not surprising to see her wearing the most lousy pyjamas when picking me up at the airport and to cause traffic jam in the hospital parking area bcuz she forgot to recharge her card ..... thats my sister -.-" Managed to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing although it was a really short trip.. One more week in KK then I will be going back to Perth to complete the rest of my physio study & hopefully PCR exams is not too difficult.. Have to start preparing for it~ Am so lazy to study T.T

Dad's Savannah penthouse is really nice. Here are some pictures...

And I like jiejie's garden very very much ~

Also I just found out from my mom that my cousin has given birth to baby girl~ Congratulations!!~~!
And its my host mom's birthday today~ ゆうゆママ、お誕生日おめでとう ございます~ I better call her right now~

I must enjoy the rest of my break....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

楊宗緯 - 洋葱

如果你能听到 心碎的声音
沉默的让自己 像是空气

最角落里的我 笑得多合群

你会发现 你会讶异
你是我 最压抑
你会鼻酸 你会流泪
只要你能 听到我

我和我的绝望 装得很风趣

你会发现 你会讶异
你是我 最压抑
你会鼻酸 你会流泪
只要你能 听到我

你会鼻酸 你会流泪
只要你能 听到我

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

媽媽﹐ 請聽我說 - 林X麗

"桌上有幾十快錢﹐自己去買東西吃吧!" 在空無一人的房子中﹐ 我只找到一張紙﹐ 上面寫著一行令人心酸的字﹐ 旁邊還附加著幾十零吉﹐我的心在一時之間感到非常的孤獨﹐ 腦海里不停浮現著想告訴您的話。。。。。。

又是工作! 媽﹐ 為什麼您不聽我說? 您寧願代替著父親﹐ 拼命工作﹐ 為什麼您就不可以多陪我呢? 媽媽﹐ 請聽我說﹐ 我願意代替您的雙手去工作﹐ 讓我們有個美好的日子過﹐ 我寧願停學來代替您的汗水與疲勞﹐ 我更寧願做任何壞事來換取您的辛勞﹐ 但是您卻不聽我說。

媽媽﹐為什麼您不聽我說? 您寧願自己一個人在夜裡低聲哭泣﹐ 寧願為了父親而感到難過﹐ 甚至為了我而隱藏自己難過心情﹐ 為什麼您就不讓我陪您一起難過呢? 媽媽﹐ 請聽我說﹐ 我願意借您我的肩膀來讓您流出您的淚水﹐ 我願意代替著父親來安撫您﹐ 我也願意在任何時間﹐ 任何地點永遠的陪著您﹐ 但是您卻不讓我如此做。

媽媽﹐為什麼您不聽我說? 當您生病時﹐ 不讓我照顧﹐ 當您累時﹐ 不讓我幫您。 您願意裝成一副女強人的樣子﹐ 寧願永遠都擺著一副堅強的樣子﹐ 甚至寧願罵我多管閑事! 媽媽﹐ 請您聽我說! 讓我照顧您﹐ 好嗎? 我不要雜砸精神上支持您而已﹐ 好想您為您自己而輕鬆一下﹐ 但是您卻不聽我說。

媽媽﹐ 為什麼您不聽我說呢? 我高興的時候您工作﹔ 我傷心的時候您工作﹔ 甚至我生日的時候﹐ 您也工作! 媽媽﹐ 我不要您給我物質的享受﹐ 我只想要您的陪伴﹔ 您的懷抱﹔ 您的溫柔與您的笑容﹐ 但是您卻一點也不給我。

媽媽﹐ 為什麼您不聽我說呢? 我已經失去了父愛了﹐ 我更不想失去母愛! 我只想要您了解我﹐ 關心我。 如果您的陪伴會帶來生活的苦﹐ 我願意! 我只想要您的愛罷了! 不要這樣的自私﹐ 好嗎?

媽媽﹐ 請聽我說! 如果過去沒有您﹐ 現在的我也不會有今天﹐ 更不可能會有未來。 請您答應我﹐ 在未來的道路上﹐ 陪著我一步一步地行走﹐ 好嗎? 沒有您是不行的。 最後﹐ 請原諒我的任性﹐ 聽我最後一句話﹐ 好嗎? 不管往後的日子怎麼過﹐ 我還是會對您說 "我愛您!"


Monday, September 8, 2008


私の日本語は下手になったかな。 わはは

いつも "お前の日本語おかしい" と言う

妹 シェーリと Vanessa もよく見ています
ドラマの actressは私の個性みたい。
わがままだし、 よく妹をいじぬます。 はは



:::: "正義の味方"::::
シェーリ と 私 (笑)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


对不起 刚才我 是不是听错
还是我 想太多 想到了昏头
天气不错 开了窗吹走脸红
进一步 退一步 都害怕打破
更不想 再和你 永远做朋友
给你线索 也给我勇敢藉口

下定决心 沉默
你和我 这一刻 
无声的 而交流

一字一句一瞬间 走了火
一天一点一转眼 入了魔
一步一步走火入魔  (和我)

一直猜 一直想 一直的揣摹
一直到 你变成 甜美的心痛
如果可以 把如果变成结果
下定决心 执着
我和你 很想说 
这时候 出现烟火

一字一句一瞬间 走了火
一天一点一转眼 入了魔
一步一步走火入魔  (和我)

一字一句一瞬间 走了火
一天一点一转眼 入了魔
放肆一次走火入魔  (和我)

一字一句一瞬间 走了火
一天一点一转眼 入了魔
一步一步走火入魔  (和我)

一字一句一瞬间 走了火
一天一点一转眼 入了魔
放肆一次走火入魔  (和我)

Monday, September 1, 2008

aaaaaaaah.... internet 终于复活了。
真的不能想象没有internet的世界会是怎样。 远距离恋情会大量减少吧。 哈哈。

我这个weekend呢 喝得超过瘾! (虽然没有时间做revision, 惨了,惨了。)
今天只想post我和pokey的约会照片。 明天早上绝对翘课。

我想我看见的,我感觉到的, 是真实的,远远超越一种直觉。

他今天说: 两个人在一起有多久不重要, 重要的是在一起的每一天有没有认真地关心对方。
总觉得有时候, 他一下就看穿我的缺点。

你呢? 今天有关心你爱的人吗?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


久しぶりだね (Hisashiburi da ne)~~~ => 好久不见了 ^^
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... 四月起就没写了,好快一点update一下。。。

预备。。。。。 起!!!!

= 5月 =
忙筹备去日本大大小小无聊的事情, proposal 之类地, 只记得烦死了。 OK 不想题了。

= 6月 =
日本逗留4个星期, 除了和某人忙presentation的时候, 不出所料地纠纷连连, 不然大致上都还不错, 和host family 还有山本人玩地蛮开心的!!! 只可惜没到横滨(yokohama) 和kitagawa-san & miki-san见面, 真的很想去,不巧他们去了Hawaii看女儿。 他们是我最老的朋友 (63岁)。 哈哈哈。

= 7 月=
日本回来后, 就感觉好像刚从Malaysia回来一样, 超homesick的。 就哪里都不想去, 只想待在家。 结果1个星期没出门, 直到Neuro placement开始, 又要去医院了。不过蛮好玩的, 和大家都相处地意外中好, 包括老师, 同学 还有病人。 离开之前, Bruce 意外地给了一个拥抱还有KISS (on my cheek), 所以大哭了一场。他是非常nice的病人, 56岁, 一年前右脑中风, 一起合作四个礼拜, 至少能自己走大约200 metres, 还有上下2层楼梯, 没有让我失望!! 蛮有成就感的。 哈哈 超感动地故事也有, 老师看了3年都不能走路的 Ian既然成功走10metres (with frame)。 并不是我厉害 (哈哈), 应该说是我刚巧在那里看见他三年里第一次走路吧。 是我幸运,老师也感动地差点掉眼泪。 所以呢, 这个placement对我蛮重要的。 这些经验和病人给我的故事都对我的人生, 对自己未来的想法, 和种种对事物的看法改变了不少。能遇见这些人, 真的很幸运。

= 对不起 =
这段时间都有很多好朋友约我出去玩, 而我却一再而三地"放飞机"。。。。。 我就认了, 名副其实的"飞机王"。 对不起啦 请大方地原来我。 真的很忙。 看我猜我猜我猜猜猜的时间都没有。 能看olympics就很幸福了。 嘿嘿。 山本人也已经发出几次警告了。 现在都不理我了。

= 8 月=
现在换医院了, musculoskeletal placement就好像平时大家熟知的physio, 在KK 就叫做"Jenny"。 哈哈。 也蛮好玩地, 没有想象中地困难, 今天既然不用准备, 所以终于有时间update blog 了~~~ 昨天也终于有时间写一篇很长的日语email给 host 妈妈 (6个礼拜没回信), 花了两个小时才写好, 我的日语真的很烂。。。 希望她看得懂才好。 哈哈。

= 期待 =
期待这星期五见 Pokey~~~ 我会拍多多相片的。

对!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 我要回家了~~~~~ ^^
(谁来告诉我为什么周杰伦没在olympics closing ceremony 出现呢?)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fukuoka, Japan

Went to Fukuoka to do my final year international placement together with my coursemate, Sachiko who came from Fukuoka. Visited one of the physiotherapy schools, Aso rehabilitation centre and met Sachi's family as well. Did a bit of traveling around Hiroshima too.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More stupid videos...

MaMa Happy Birthday~ We love you forever...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Smashing Good Time

It was quite fun smashing a real luscious cream pie into someones faces especially on their birthdays. I've heard of Birthday countdown but not Birthday WISHES countdown. Wahahaha. Chris actually kept his eyes closed for 30 seconds which beautifully rewarded Sheri's & Nicole's efforts of making the cream pie. At least he spent quite a long time making his wish before his face getting smashed. Hehe. I hope all your birthday wishes will be fulfilled & again.. Happy 20th Birthday ^.^

Saturday, March 1, 2008

ゆず - 栄光の架橋

誰にも見せない泪があった 人知れず流した泪があった
決して平らな道ではなかった けれど確かに歩んで来た道だ

いくつもの日々を越えて 辿り着いた今がある


悲しみや苦しみの先に それぞれの光がある
さあ行こう 振り返らず走り出せばいい

誰にも見せない泪があった 人知れず流した泪があった

いくつもの日々を越えて 辿り着いた今がある

Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2nd Visit to Kobe

Celebrated my birthday in Japan with my host family for the very first time :D :D :D :D Lucky me! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008














いるには いるよ 

いるにはいる? 英語でなんですか

i have my favourite girl, however, i dont think she know that

あなたですよ あなた


regardless of nationality, i love

you が欠落してるよ してる

Saturday, January 12, 2008



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Favourite Pictures - Dec 2007

Nisha~~~~ Nishaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nisha Lai~~~~~~~~~~ Nisha Lai~~~~~

Goooooooooooooood Girl Nisha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~