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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Plaza Premium Lounge

Dad took us to Plaza Premium Lounge @ KLIA to relax a bit while waiting for our next flight to Amsterdam which will depart in abt 3hrs. It cost about RM90+ per person for 2hrs, RM130+ pp for 5hrs and RM150+ pp for 8hrs..

All packages include:
1. Free Internet Access
2. Free Flow of Beer
3. Free Hot Meals (buffet)
4. Gourmet Coffee and Tea
5. Shower Facilities
6. Free Local Calls
7. Massage (~20mins)
8. Golf Putting Green (I didn't realize thr was this thg keke)

The buffet was good n massage just so-so. The sofa was comfy n we basically just busy gossiping abt everyone n facebooking, showing Sophie's new bf's photos to dad n mom kekeke The flight to Amsterdam takes abt 12hrs >< Mom was busy playing Sudoku whereas dad busy brainstorming Jiejie's wedding's guests list.. The funny thing was we went to Burger King and got some fries before we went on board =.=

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A day in Singapore

Transited in Singapore as usual n managed to do quite a bit of shopping in one day at a new shopping mall, Tampines 1 which was not very far from Simei. Its newly open, so all shops were on sale :D Stuff I've bought: Clothes to wear for next 3 weeks, sexy undergarments (for next 3 weeks too), some silver necklaces/accessories, shoes n slippers.

Had Japanese for dinner @ Manpuku, a restaurant that serves all sort of japanese dishes - okonomiyaki, udon, ramen, sushi, tempura etc etc, n even desserts like dango! Aaaahhh I wish thrs one in Perth as well T.T so I can go everyday =P

Unfortunately, I then lost my wallet or should I say I left it in the toilet because I rushed to go back to the restaurant to eat dessert =.= so someone took it n never return.. stupid I know :( well, do u think ppl will return $900 aussie dollars if they found it in the toilet? Sigh sigh Had to make a police report so that I can reapply for my Malaysian IC as well as my Australian driving license T.T I also had to cancel all my credit cards, n it wasnt dad's first time doing this for me so he knew well what to do keke felt quite upset mainly because I lost my $900 cash! Was going to give mom pocket money RM1000 but broke now! As for my LV wallet, I plan to get a new one soon in Paris keke the old one was a bit damaged by my nail polish remover when I was trying to remove a stubborn blue pen ink kekeeke stupid again I know.. SAD bcuz it was a present from dad when we travelled to HK few yrs ago n it was more expensive than the other LV wallets bcuz of its designs/patterns (at that time anyway).. I didn't feel as bad when I lost my LV sunglasses in Macao beginning of this year because I bought it myself, simply heartache when it comes to gifts especially from my family..

Well, at least jie jie was thr to keep me company, btw, I'm glad sashi n jie jie liked the wedding gift I bought for them! Another expensive gift, Swarovski crystal Champagne glass but worth it, damn beautiful n elegant :) I'm considering to get the Swarovski tiara for her as well if she likes it, hav to work really hard when I get back to Perth ><

Most importantly, her ring was DAMN huge!!! n she definitely is happy :) Well done, sashi! Lots of things she has ordered me to do to help her organise her coming wedding in KK! 1st wedding in our family so Im sure its gonna be BIG! I think they r planning to get 80 tables i.e. 800 ppl n it cost RM1000+ per table just for the FOOD during wedding reception =.= I hope they serve us abalones keke lucky jie jie cuz dad is in charge of the wedding in kk including the 800 wedding favors (little appreciation gifts for all guests) n hes going to search in Europe!!! Hes always been well-known for being VERY generous n I have to say hes the best dad in the world d(^-^)b

A short trip in singapore was good overall, productive shopping n managed to catch up a bit with my dearest sis! At least I didnt lose my passport (trying to b optimistic) m(_)m

=Family Update=
- Sophie is going back to KK soon middle of the year I think and shes taking her BF, Eugene with her muahahahhhahahahaa (to Singapore though)
- Sheri is going to do a bit more traveling this year n shes going to Japan in July for Kobe University Summer Program! The same program that I took part in 2 years ago n Im sure shes going to have a ball!
- Gary is getting his transcript this Friday, apparently he failed Chinese, Moral, Account n book keeping and I (instead of mom) am going to meet his teacher to discuss his results muahaha n pretend to scold him in front of his teacher keke
- Dad is currently in KL, probably busy gambling @ Genting keke n mom is apparently busy practice "branghra" dance with her buddies for jie2's wedding =.=

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going home in 20hrs ^^

At 12:49AM, o44 yelled: Sh*t!!!! I forgot to pack...

everyone thought: as usual huhh....

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Gift Card ><

Waaa received a goodbye card from Aubrey n Kalindi (my boss n his wife) today with a $100 David Jones gift card! muahaha lucky!!!! n shoo sweet :) but am only going away for 3 wks! Kekeke I better get something from Malaysia for them as well!! At least thrs one thing for me to look forward to when I get back - hunting for winter clothes @ david jones :D

Leaving perth tomorrow!!!! ^^

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Brekky ^^

Egg Benedictine + smoked salmon + avocado @ Subi walk cafe ><

n Cappucino too :) happy happy
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Monday, May 18, 2009


Eh... why people keep showing me what they eat recently?

Pic 1 - sent by mobile from Van2 when she had Japanese food at Fuji restaurant next to Fuji and Fuji in Vic park with Sheri, showing me off her "nabeyaki udon" waah...

Pic 2 - sent by mobile again from pkboy n a bunch of kids showing off "their dinner" tonight..

All look so yummy leh.. I wan I wan sigh sigh why did I hav instant noodles for dinner tonight...

Nvm.. I will revenge next wk!! Muahahaha shui jiao wo die.... =P

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pain everywhere

Legs sore.
Back sores.
Neck sores.
Shoulders sore.
Hands sore.

Heart sores.
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Friday, May 15, 2009


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Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Magic Hands ^^

Something I must brag about keke I've got a new client who drove 3 hours all the way from home just to see "Katrina" for physio treatment muahahahaha I treated her brother in the past few weeks who suffered low back pain, managed to "fix" him and apparently he's been telling everyone about my "miracle hands" (direct quote from the new client's mom today).. and they are trying to get the father to come in on Sunday to let me have a look at his back as well!!!! so I'm basically going to treat the whole family now! wohohoho this is obviously some sense of satisfaction and great encouragement to keep me going :) Work is getting busier and I think I will be seeing 50 clients this week! About 2 weeks left to holidays, and I'm actually hoping to work a bit more =.= Getting addicted to my job keke (well I need $$$ to buy souvenirs for family leh) Oh well, I'm not prepared for my presentation tomorrow, and I've just emailed my boss to postpone it to next Tues.... kekeke

Everyones busy lately, vanessa busy doing her assignments and sheris busy making more and more and more "sesame tang yuan" (at 12am)...... work starts at 9am tomorrow and I should hit the rack now....

=Relationship Update=
Cold, cold and cold.....
We just havent realized...
how much we actually care about each other.

わるかった、 ごめん。

Monday, May 11, 2009

About Work Again ><

After working as a physio for 2 months (and 5 months since I graduated), I finally finally finally did some physio revision today keke I know I have been very slacked! I'd rather be busy cooking, gardening, cleaning, studying Japanese, watching Taiwanese series and sleeping but not revising physio..... keke simply just sick of physio and need lots of rest++ after studying for so many years, but i think its time to pick up the books now and continue to learn about how to become a good physio! As a matter of fact, I have to do a 40mins presentation on "knees" stuff to my boss this thursday =.= so I have no choice but to revise .. and luckily I always had the habit of making my own notes throughout my university days so all I need to do now is to click on start menu -> my documents -> physiotherapy -> year two -> semester two -> musculoskeletal -> "knee" word documents!!!!... kekeke Save my time to flip books or go googling! Im going to print the notes out and read it to my boss on Thursday.. muahaha but but but I still need to revise them and be able to demonstrate all the orthopaedic tests.... sigh nvm lah I still have Wednesday night (keke) .... I know Im lazy, well holiday is not far away, 15 more days to go and I will be whinging abt how small jetstar seat is =P cant waittttt~ dan2, labby2 and teddy~ here I come~~~ kekeke

=Work Update=
Robyn, the other physio @ my practice quit her job today!!!! so I'm basically working on my own now! full time, 7 days a week! Well, Im going away for 3 weeks soon so I need some savings!!!! Also, Im thinking to cut down my students number and pass some of my students to Keiko-sensei this week cuz I cant find much time to teach Japanese anymore :( I quite enjoy my part time job though.. I guess Physio is my primary job afterall, and as dad and takashi said before, I should always be clear with my priorities, and I guess I am doing well so far ^^ Gambarimasu!!!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is what the OSPE exam looks like! Sheri was pretending to be a day-1 post op right hip ORIF patient! Wahaha I'm shoo glad to have graduated from physio. No more OSPE for me muahaha poor van van practicing on sheri for her OSPE exam tomorrow! She's doing very well though! I'm sure she'll pass! Keke :) good luck good luck! ^^
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

あきらめること Giving up

だから、 自分の思いとちがっても
それは、 苦しいことだけど、
がんばれば、 あきらめなければ、
手に入るものは、 いくつかある。
だけど、 人の気持ちは、

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Precision Physio ^^

Some pictures taken @ my workplace today. My boss, Aubrey bought a 40 years old house n basically renovated the whole practice by himself! Painted the wall, putting up the window blinds, n even built the reception desk! Sugoi desu ne! So its a new practice that just started its business abt 9 wks ago.. My boss only comes in on Friday and weekends n I work by myself on weekdays! Quite enjoy working on my own, n I usually just do some review or youtubing while waiting for clients to turn up hehe! Otherwise just go home n do my own stuff, laundry cooking etc keke I usually have abt 4 hrs break from Mon to Thu n it only takes 5 mins to get home! hehe I don't hav to wake up so early as well in the morning n this sounds like my kind of job huh hehehe I'm only seeing 30 clients per week at the moment, n I'm hoping to build up to 40 soon! 40 clients a week means $900+ per week! Not what I'm expected yet n eventually I want to see at least 50 clients per week if possible n thats probably good enough for a new grad! Gambarimasu! Time really flies, I'm going home in 20 days ^^ Excited but I will have to rebuild my clients load again when I come back from Malaysia in June :( Gambarimasu!!!!

Something I need to figure out in these few wks: my tax return, superannuation fund etc etc! My boss has been telling me to register n I seriously have no idea on finance stuff. I've made an appointment with a financial adviser on Monday at least, n apparently he will be able to give me details abt tax return, superannuation, *investment, company/partnership etc etc.... n I'm really glad that thrs such person exists on earth hehe well, the very first step to making big money I guess... kekeke GAMBARIMASU!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Physio ^^

Finally Finally!!!! Wahahahaha my last client today was actually very happy with my treatment n he canceled his physio session with my boss tomorrow n asked to rebook in with me instead! Wahahaa Aubrey (my boss) was just talking about this last week that the ultimate aim is to make clients wanting to see Katrina instead of Aubrey wahaha Happy!! Oh well its been a bit stressful working with my boss cuz he's seriously a really really good physio!!! And clients usually walk in n ask "is Aubrey working here?" or "er... I thought I'm seeing Aubrey today?"..... sigh sigh.... n today this client who used to see Aubrey actually prefers to see me instead of seeing my boss! Hehe (*V* sign) I immediately informed Aubrey n he was quite happy abt it too! I'm not saying I'm a good physio now cuz I haven't mentioned how sux I was with some other clients keke they usually ask things like "are u still learning?" or "are you a student?" ...... sigh sigh.. at least some improvements today! Thrs sho sho sho much physio stuff I need to learn still n sho sho sho much to review! At least my boss is pushing me to be a good physio :) well, in this kind of situation, I know T will say "don't rush! take it easy!" .... :)

Oh, a great news to share today! Sheri passed her interview n got offered a place @ PMC medical college! Woohooo! well done girl! "U kick ass!" (from sylvia jie2), but she hasn't decided what she wants to do yet.. No matter what your decision is, we will always always support you!!!! Pls remember no one loves you more than we do... (Maybe except Vanessa, Cyril n Nisha) not Hyde unfortunately =P Afterall, the most important thing is HAPPINESS ~ Gambateh!

*Life is shorter that anyone can imagine. I hope everyone is enjoying what they r doing n focusing to make their later lives easier! Gambarimashou! ^^

p/s: Pic 1 - new Speedo goggles I bought @ Aqua life today! Costs abt 9 bucks! I don't really like to wear goggles but the chlorin was killing my eyes last wk! Hehe went swimming with Gene this arvo n he became my swimming sensei to teach me how to swim freestyle! Something new I learnt today! I usually only swim breaststroke (not the pro one but leisure one) n lost to this old grandpa who was walking besides me == he actually walked faster than I swam! Wahaha so I must master freestyle now to revenge the grandpa....

Ok me going to eat Sheri's homemade tang yuan now n can't wait to have 10 hours sleep!!!! ^^

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