.:: 每一个心情是诗 阅读是一种幸福 音乐是生命的旋律 照片是生活一点一滴的记忆::.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Curtin Physiotherapy

Saturday, November 24, 2007

3 more weeks

It has been 5 days since the last exam paper. Haven't done much. Couldn't enjoy the break at all till I can go home. Had about 18 hours sleep on the first day. Been watching a lot Japanese & Taiwanese dramas, eating & hanging out with friends. And sleeping again most of the time, probably an average of 13-14 hours a day. Happy to catch up on my beauty sleep after 2 weeks of torture ^^

I got a bit stressed today so started doing some Cardio revision. Not very productive though. I need to however get myself prepared for my placement which starts next week. So I was just asking Sachi how to get to the hospital on Monday by bus or train. And realized I've never really used the public transport much since I came to Perth for 4 years. Probably once or twice when I went to the Royal Show last year & the year before with cousins of course. So Cyril offered to take me to the train station tomorrow & he will basically teach me how to get there. HaHa. Since we have to meet Yoko in Northbridge for lunch tomorrow. We will just take the train, instead of driving there. Lucky to have Cyril here (he's now making supper for me again) Hehehe.

It was a bit sad to see the former PM, John Howard giving his final speech on the stage, as I've become familiar with his face on TV since I came to Australia. So today Australia has a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd. I don't know anything about politics but I know he can speak fluent Mandarin. Impressive.

I guess I have to wake up early from Monday for the next 3 weeks, living the early bird concept. I will definitely need to work really hard to find my feet & hopefully everything is going to be OK ^^ & I can thoroughly enjoy my holiday afterwards.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

周杰伦 - 我不配


玻璃上有霧氣,誰被隱藏起過 去妳臉上的情緒,


又斑駁了幾句 ,剩下搬空回憶的我在大房子裡,


妳跟自己 下棋還來不及,仔仔細細,

寫下妳的關於描述我如何愛妳,妳卻微笑的離我而去這感覺已經 不對,


在妥協是我忽 略妳不過要人陪這感覺已經不對,我最後才了解一頁頁不忍翻閱的情節,

妳好累妳默背為我 掉過幾次淚,



Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

スキマスイッチ - マリンスノウ

僕は孤独の海 放り出されて もうさ 溺れてしまうのかなぁ
とはいえ這い上がれない どうせ堕ちるなら朽ちて

君のこと 空気みたいだと思っていた 失くしたら息苦しくて

体がただ沈んでゆく 遠ざかっていく空 群青に埋まっていく

君のいない海を逃れようとしたけど 想い出の重さで泳げない

存在を愛情に求めていた 行為はカタチだけになっていた
感覚が鈍っていく 何も聴こえない 目を閉じてるかもわからない

君のしぐさ 君の中のぬくもり 浮かんでは消えていくんだ

世界が今断ち切られて 藻掻けば絡まり 絶望に染まっていく

誰もいない闇は記憶だけ残して 僕から全てを奪っていく

体がただ沈んでゆく 涙も叫びも深海がさらっていく

ずっとこのまま時間を超えて 深い意識の淵漂っていられたら
僕は一人 ここで生まれ変われるのかなぁ

君のいない海で生きていこうとしたけど 想い出の重さで、泳げない

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This inspires me to study harder.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

post 43. hospital days

today, due to last minute scans (MRI friday at the hospital i guess) for some of my patients, i had some spare time in the morning. so ended up seeing another patient with my clinical supervisor and another fellow student.

the new patient we saw was a 50 odd year old male who had a stroke a few days ago. when we first saw him, he was lying in bed and was not able to express himself - he could not speak, although i think he could understand what we said, and his face was quite expressionless, almost a mask. i found it pretty hard to give instructions to him cos his face was just so expressionless and he just wasn't talking. try talking to a wall and you'll start to get the same sense of frustration. it's much harder when you know it's a person on the other end.

after doing some muscle assessment, our supervisor wanted us to stand him up and walk him. so that was what we did. stood him up from bed, and seeing that his balance was good, we decided to walk him a bit.

when we were just walking out of the room door, his daughter came walking around the corner. when she saw him walking, she started crying out, "Dad, Dad! You're walking!" and started crying at the same time. he walked up to her and she gave him this tight hug. then she turned around and called out, "Mom! Dad's walking!"

the man disengaged himself from his daughter and continued walking out of the doorway. just a short distance away from the room door was a pair of ladies, apparently just following behind the first daughter and got held up and was talking to his doctor. one was younger, obviously another daughter, and the other lady was his wife.

when he saw his wife, he let out this great wrenching sob, which really surprised me because i never expected him to be able to express anything, and stumbled to her. and this lady turned to him, and her face just crumpled up when she saw him walking towards her and she started crying. and they stood there hugging and crying.

it got emotional. he was crying, his wife was crying, his daughters were crying, his son showed up halfway, and they were all crying and hugging and were just so happy to see him walking. they kept repeating with this amazed, grateful joy, "You're walking! You're walking!" even my supervisor was tearing a bit. i must say though, it was pretty pretty emotional.

and because this was in the corridor, it kinda held up the flow of lunch-hour traffic, but nobody minded. not a single bit.

we walked him back to his bed and left him with his family. our supervisor was still tearing a bit, and one of the senior nurses teased her, saying she had been crying every single day she had been working with the patient. our supervisor said this was the rewarding thing about working in neuro and she still gets affected by it.

i can see why.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

周杰伦 - 彩虹



看不见你的笑 我怎么睡得着

你要离开 我知道很简单
你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
就算放开 那能不能别没收我的爱


你要离开 我知道很简单
你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
就算放开 那能不能别没收我的爱

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


刚才在电话和你说明天有考试 正在读书 是骗你的
你还很奇怪的问我 怎么明天有考试??? 哈哈哈哈
不错嘛! 还蛮了解我的哦。。。

短短7.25分钟的影片 却花了九个小时
还是希望你会喜欢 高兴就好

这也代表我虽然从Adelaide回来了 还是有在想你的
怪不得人家说我们像一对情侣 哈哈哈

:: 影片解说::
“劲爆” 是敦玮在澳洲出了名的口头禅


接着到我 (眼睛哭肿了,所以用猪猪来代替,对不起~~)

然后是在 Russia 的 Lawrence, 家毫 和不认识roommate 哈哈

最后是三个永远不会长大的大男人: 志雄,桂辉,阿阳
敦玮在“纽西兰” 是在制造影片的效果
青瓜/B.B. Hoi。。 那个当作没听见吧 hehe
大家都有用心让敦玮开心喔 ^^

照片是用来提醒你 还是笑的时候最美 哈哈
从今天起做回那个以前很快乐的郑敦玮 ^^


祝你 22岁 生日快乐。

Monday, October 15, 2007



在自己挖的陷阱 把自己摔个遍体鳞伤 气息奄奄

并没有宽恕自己 只是选择美好未来
利用剩下的时间 弥补以往犯下的过错

希望身边的每一个人平平安安 建建康康
现在的生活平平淡淡 就是一种幸福

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Perth September 2007

:: Erica's Farewell Party ::
I was only expecting for a simple farewell dinner party with Erica that day, didn't know that we were going clubbing at all. Didn't even think that I would come home at 6am+!! It was all fun but. Havent been out partying for a while. Had lots of alcohol. Enjoyed dancing with friends and had to pretend to be dead at 4am so the crazy girl Erica wouldn't force me to drink as she did to others. Haha. There were still drinking at 6am and Jason was totally drunk and dead. I wasn't in good condition to drive so ahLun drove my car and sent us home. Got diarrhea and bad hang over the next day as anticipated. But I had a really good sleep that I haven't had for a while.

:: Happy Mooncake Festival ::

I had steamboat with friends in Northbridge to celebrate mooncake festival this year. And more alcohol after dinner at Dino (karaoke lounge). Got home at 3am. Felt quite guilty so I stayed up to study until 6am & went to bed. Hehe. And since that day, I adopted the habit to study until 6am whenever I came home late. Just occasionally. Crazy I know.

::: Food for this Month :::
I love Korean food and have always been visiting Seoul Korean restaurant which I reckon is the best in Northbridge. I went again few weeks ago with Yoko and Connie. Connie's from South Korea so we left it to him to order all the food. I tried something new which was really really yummy and I'd like to share~

Yoko and her favourite "Yukhoe". Raw seasoned ground beef (topped off with raw egg yolk). It's also quite popular in Japan.

Yummy cold noodles.

With Yoko, Connie and my yummy 3rd Gelare ice cream of the month! Good to catch up with them ^^

:: Old High School Friends ::

Me, Priscila & YiWen.

My 2 girlfriends from back home who just transfered from Miri Curtin to Perth Curtin this semester. It was *great* to see them here. Priscila and I have known each other for at least 13 years now. We went to the same primary school together & I remember sitting next to her in primary four. We then went to the same high school again for 2 years until I transfered to another school. We used to hang out a lot when we were 13. I remember she was so crazy about Koala bears and always wanted to come to Australia since then. And I'm really glad that she finally made it here.

And YiWen~~~ I couldn't recognize her at all when I first saw her in Perth. And I felt really guilty when I found out that we were classmates in highschool!! YiWen~~ Sorry bahh~ Pls forgive me!! Mwa mwa.. She's really a nice girl though. We just clicked when we met again & I really like her. A very down-to-earth, loving & caring girl! ^^

::: My Biggest Rival :::

ahYap ate all the fried Wonton & left none for me T.T

So pls make sure you stay away when you see this guy! Because he will grab all your food and leave NOTHING for you. He is seriously a big threat and for the first time I have to watch out for someone when I'm eating >.<

側田 - 決戰二世祖

陪著那個肚裡滿草 只有枯燥

你要 純正愛情 愛上抱人那個過程
你信 人有個牲 應該選我最公正

擦擦眼睛 擦擦眼睛
看我眼睛 會更清醒
我哪怕窮 環遊世界

#願跟他比賽 別共他戀愛
為著你未來 你也其實愛才
就跟他比賽 大敗那痴呆
〔請跟 我戀愛〕〔根本〕

要公正比賽 全為你未來 更精彩

重唱 *

你要 神聖愛情 你要愛人對你摯誠
愛我 才有結晶 他怎麼有這保證

擦擦眼睛 擦擦眼睛
你會見到他縮影 談情全為顯本領

重唱 #

未怕過 這個世界有公義吧
大惡霸 我信你會有膽揀他
如揀在下 即刻張開你的心花
會換來桃花 能暴升身價

願跟他比賽 別共他戀愛
望著你將來 過去已經不再
讓 玩具拋開 再見悲哀
挑選我 不需再跟他比賽
為造福你後代 新生再展開

Friday, September 28, 2007

Def Tech - Catch the Wave

Catch The Wave
作詞: Def Tech
作曲: Def Tech/Nagacho
Catch the wave

It started with a vibe from you
Friendship first, my dream come true
We entered to that precious place
Where peace and trust melt into grace
But my fate has played a trick on me
Forever last this cannot be
I love you enough to let you go
Waves upon waves upon waves high and low

オフショアで肩 頭な波もある
自然さ It's like 人生さ

Catch the wave, 感じてその手を合わせて
Catch the wave, cast away
All your fear into the air
Don't delay, no leeway
No matter what they say we just don't care

海の風 山の小川 森を浴びて

Feeling the vibe we strum
Taking in that natural beauty
It's really a dream for me
Floating in the ocean's soul you'll see
We will always be together

When you gaze into the mirror
You see yourself but not your inside
じゃあ how can I and I see what's sitting
In your heart when you show no feeling
You can see reflections of your soul
When you face nature around you
It's in the tears of rain, our Earth's pain
It's a pity you can't see a leaf is dying
This ends a new your chance has come
To truth your stars are finally shining
So let's paddle away take off
And ride the wave, the good sets are coming

Catch the wave, 感じてその手を合わせて
合致して負けないでみんなだって night and day
Catch the wave, cast away
All your fear into the air
Don't delay, no leeway
No matter what they say we just don't care

Catch the wave, 感じてその手を合わせて
Catch the wave, cast away
All your fear into the air
Don't delay, no leeway
No matter what they say we just don't care

Catch the wave, 感じてその手を合わせて
Catch the wave, cast away
All your fear into the air
Don't delay, no leeway
No matter what they say we just don't care

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

蔡依林 - 心型圈

我送上初戀 在你的面前 再將我愛你 溫習一遍
我無法收斂 對你的思念 若愛有風險 我寧願中箭
那一年春天 愛發芽蔓延 我們故事 顏色鮮豔
我將愛完全 花在你身邊 對愛糾纏很明顯
想膩在你的房間 肩並者肩 黏你 臉靠著臉
(觸電的瞬間 同一邊 肩並著肩 黏你 臉靠著臉)
許願 畫十字在胸前 閉眼祈禱夢會實現
(看著照片 傻笑了好幾遍
在教堂裡面 閉眼祈禱夢會實現)

呵氣在玻璃上面 畫心型的圈 霧漸漸不見
你終於出現 聽不進勸 對愛死心眼 希望這趟愛情走很遠
我用我指尖 畫心型的圈 然後碎碎念 想像你聽見
空出時間 默背你的臉
認真翻字典查我們的 永遠

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


记得小时候 中秋节都很很很开心~
还住在旧家的时候 喜欢拿着那种超旧款的灯笼
和弟弟妹妹 像野孩子一样在马路上跑来跑去

既然拿着那时候最新款 用电池的灯笼
还是飞机款的咧~ 闪闪发亮 还可以放歌听
摆款的咧~ 哈哈 所以被逼借玩一下
我们就追啊追。。。 然后。。。 弟弟突然不见了!
因为太暗的关系 原来掉进沟渠里去了
很记得他那一刹那 用着那愣愣的表情看着我
真的被吓到了~ 弄得全身脏兮兮的
我立刻把他抱起来 应该是说拉起来
对面小孩也随着哭 原来是因为宝贝飞机灯笼被弄坏了

过后妈妈好像新买一个 还给人家
哈哈哈 搬新家过后 真的很怀念有邻居的感觉

从小照顾我很多年, 也很常欺负我的 kakak 呵呵
搬新家过不久 就回印尼结婚去了~ 还有寄一次信给我。。
可是寄来的邮票 是一条很长很长的鱼
第一次看见这么长的邮票 觉得有点恐怖
所以一直没有回信 哈哈哈

不过妈妈每一年都会寄好吃的月饼来 (虽然是被我逼的)
像这个, 我特别的喜欢 ^^

╭╮ ╭╮ ╭╮
 ││ ││  │└╮
│ ﹋ ﹋ │   ╭─────────╮
│ ∩ ∩ │ ╭╮│☆中 秋 節 快 樂☆│
│  ▽  │O╰╯╰─────────╯


╭╯ΘΘ ║
╰⊙═⊙╯ 送月餅囉!

有他们在,就有一点那种在KK, 在家的感觉吧~
所以算是和半个家人一起庆祝中秋节了 ^^
期待。。 期待。。我要玩那超旧款的灯笼~
可是这里应该找不到吧~ 呵呵

Friday, September 21, 2007

スキマ スイッチ - アカツキ の 詩

もう ずいぶん経ったなぁ こんな時間に
現実感もない 寝不足になったような 感じで
天井を見つめながら 君の温度を 思い出していた

mou zuibun tatta naa konna jikan ni
genjitsukan mo nai nebusoku ni natta you na kanji de
tenjou wo mitsume nagara kimi no ondo wo omoi dashite ita

So much time had passed already
I had no sense of reality,
with a feeling that seemed like lack of sleep
As I stared at the ceiling, I remembered your body heat

多くを 欲しがったら 揺らぐ バランス
崩した向こうには 僕らの抜け殻と 闇
本当に堕ちていったなぁ 起き上がるのも イヤになるよな
ooku wo hoshigattara yuragu baransu
kuzushita mukou ni wa bokura no nuke gara to yami
hontou ni ochite itta naa oki agaru no mo iya ni naru yo na

When you want so much, your balance sways
Beyond the destruction is our cast off skins, and darkness
We really have fallen, haven't we?
And we don't want to get back up

大切にしたくて 言葉で縛って がんじがらめ
絡まった中には 君の影も 見当たらない

taisetsu ni shitakute kotoba de shibatte ganjigarame
karamatta chuu ni wa kimi no katachi mo mi ataranai

I want to treasure you, but I'm bound by words;
bound hand and foot
Amongst my entanglement,
your shadow is nowhere to be found

守ろうとした 手のひらで 握りつぶしてしまうよ
ただ 君がいればいいのに こらえ切れず こぼしていた
夜が 少し 遠くなっていた

mamorou to shita te no hira de nigiri tsubushite shimau yo
tada kimi ga ireba ii no ni korae kirezu koboshite ita
yoru ga sukoshi tooku natte ita

I tried to protect you, and crushed you in my hand
If only you were here; I couldn't stand it anymore,
and my tears spilled
The night was a little ways off in the distance

いつだって 茶化しては
からかいあっていた はずなのに いつの間にか
冗談に聞こえなくなって 気付けば 君は 泣き出していた

itsu datte chakashite wa
karakai atte ita hazu na no ni itsu no ma ni ka
joudan ni kikoenaku natte kizukeba kimi wa naki dashite ita

We always made fun of each other
Though it should have been just banter, one day
You didn't hear it as a joke, and before I knew it,
you had started crying

散々迷ってさ 君が選んだ
サボテンだって そう、簡単に ダメにしてしまったなぁ
愛情を注いでいれば 花も咲く と 信じこんでいた

sanzan mayotte sa kimi ga eranda
saboten datte sou, kantan ni dame ni shite shimatta naa
aijou wo sosoide ireba hana mo saku to shinji konde ita

To be terribly confused, that's what you chose
Because it was a desert, it was so easily ruined
But you firmly believed that if you poured love onto it,
flowers would bloom

思えばそうだ 僕は 鏡越しの自分 を見ていた
君が見ていたのは 紛れもなく 僕 だったのに

omoeba sou da boku wa kagami goshi no jibun wo mite ita
kimi ga mite ita no wa magure mo naku boku datta no ni

In retrospect, yes, I was looking at the me in the mirror
Even though the one that you saw, was the real me

差し込んだ 月明かりは 僕の前で 消えていくよ
ぎこちなくてもいいから そっと 抱きしめられたなら
夜が ひっそり 座り込んでいた

sashi konda tsuki akari wa boku no mae de kieteku yo
gikochi nakute mo ii kara sotto dakishimerareta nara
yoru ga hissori suwari konde ita

The moonlight that thrust itself in,
disappeared right in front of me
It doesn't matter if it's awkward, as I was quietly being held
The night quietly sat down in protest

守ろうとした 手のひらで 握りつぶしてしまうよ
ただ 君さえいればいいのに こらえ切れず こぼしていた
夜が 少し、動き出していた

mamorou to shita te no hira de nigiri tsubushite shimau yo
tada kimi sae ireba ii no ni korae kirezu koboshite ita
yoru ga sukoshi, ugoki dashite ita

I tried to protect you, and crushed you in my hand
If only you were here; I couldn't stand it anymore,
and my tears spilled
And the night began to shift, just a little

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kobe University Summer Program

Photos taken when I took part in a Summer program organised by Kobe University in Kobe, Japan. Met a lot of super nice people from Japan as well other international students. I miss them sho sho sho much!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Family Day

Saturday, 28th of July
AHHHHHHHHH!! I just realized I didn't have many photos of my host family's house in Japan. I really like the house =(( It was actually an apartment which they called "Mansion" but not that kind of luxurious mansion nor our kind of apartment. No swimming pool, no tennis court etc but a modern concrete 4-storey apartment building with elevators at least. The house was not very spacious, with a kitchen, a dining hall and 3 bedrooms. The biggest room was a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats covering the floor, also the living room to watch TV and then converted to a bedroom at night where my host parents sleep. They had a 2-layer car parking which was really cool too!

The balcony, with an excellent view of Kobe city again facing the ocean which was really amazing ^^

:::The Japanese Bathroom:::

One of my most favourite places in the house. The bathroom basically consists of 2 rooms - an entrance room where you undress, also the laundry room and equipped with a sink (for face wash), and the actual bathroom has a shower and a deep bath tub. It was really embarrassing when I first used the bathroom because I had no idea how it worked at all. And yuyu-mama was really surprised when I asked her how to take a bath. Haha. So when bathing Japanese style, you sit on a stool next to the bath tub and wash your body with the water from the tub using a washbowl. This was a bit like how I showered in my grandparent's house when I was a kid, sitting on a small stool & pour the water from a bucket instead of a tub. After you clean your body, you may enter the tub which is used for soaking only. So the main purpose of taking a bath besides cleaning your body, is relaxation at the end of the day. They actually leave the water in the tub for days and reuse the water for several baths so a bit like jacuzzi. Hehe. One more important thing about the bath - it was actually a modern bath tub that could be programmed to be automatically filled with water of a given temperature at a given time, or to heat up the water to a preferred temperature (which was always set at about 40deg). Cool eh!!!! but stupid me forgot to take picture =(( However, it was really great to take a hot bath after a long, exhausted day. you'll definitely need that when you live in Japan ^^

In the morning, Yuuta-chan & you-chan were teaching me how to make origami.
We made some origami peace crane, funny man, shuriken (ninja weapon) and boat i think. Hehe.

:::Japanese-style Barbecue:::

The BBQ took place at a big park in Rokko mountain as the land was scare in Japan and you can hardly see any park or garden in the city. I felt pathetic when we had to pay entrance fee to the park.

The food was really good. Lots and lots of variety of meat and vege!!! There was a small pool in the park which was the kids' most favourite place. We also played soccer and badminton under the sun and I got tanned so quickly!

Very cute Syaruru-chan, half-French, half Japanese.

Mi-chan and me. A bit funny looking but cute puppy. Only few months old ^^

Met a lot of nice people ^^

:::First time eating So-Men:::
Yuyu-mama invited her good friend, Ryo-san for dinner to meet me that night. Ryo-san was quite young, just a few years older than me and his English was quite good. He was really friendly and offered to take us to visit the sake factories the next day. We spent the whole night eating and chatting. It was really nice to meet him ^^

Raita-papa and you-chan playing boxing while yuyu-mama was preparing dinner.

With Ryo-san & you-chan

My most favourite So-Men

I really love this noodle!! These white Japanese noodles are thin and served cold. Basically just dip the noodles into the sauce in a small bowl and eat it. Very very very nice!! I miss So Men very very much T.T

Monday, September 10, 2007

My new family

Friday, 27th of July
I woke up at 6am to pack my luggage. For friends who know me well: Yes, it's unbelievable. I get up at least before 8am every morning when I was in Japan, even during weekend. It was like a miracle, I know. Haha. It was a special day because we were going to meet our host families finally and experience the Japanese family life! It took me a while to pack all my stuff (too much shopping hehe) and surprisingly I managed to fit them all in my pink suitcase. It was impossible to take the train with our heavy luggages so Manuel and Lindi and I shared a cab to get to the university. We were also going to interview the karaoke inventor, Ino Ue-san and supposed to leave uni at 9am. However, Nic-san didn't turn up until half past. Our sensei decided to leave without him as we couldn't be late for the interview. Fair enough. Still, I was getting worried, not because of the interview, but thinking if Nic-san couldn't make it, the interview would not be as fun. Fortunately, he made it just in time before the train left. He got lost somewhere as he took the wrong train as usual! Haha. We were really glad to see him.

We finally met Ino Ue-san and I took the chance to thank him for inventing such a great thing in my life. I was surprised that he looked quite fierce (and old), not exactly like how I expected to be someone who created Karaoke. Our interview was quite successful although we couldn't understand 90% of what he said. His Japanese was too difficult for us as he used lots of Osaka slang. We didn't have to worry much because a voice recorder was provided during the interview. Hehe. Lucky us.

The very first and original karaoke machine made in 1971, called "8 Juke" - Daisuke Inoue could be a billionaire if he had filed a patent for his invention.

A meeting ceremony with host families in the arvo.

My host mom (yuyu-mama) happened to be the host family organiser, and two younger brothers (yuuta-chan & youta-chan) came to take me home ^^

First day in host family's house. We looked like we having fun yea, in fact I was struggling really hard to communicate with those kids.

Dinner on 1st day. I want more! More and more!!

::First time wearing a Yukatta::

There was a small Matsuri (traditional Japanese festival) near our house that night and my host mom get us dressed in Yukatta (a Japanese summer kimono). I was very excited as it was my first time wearing a Yukatta. We had so much fun that night.

Raita-papa, You-chan, Me, Yuyu-mama and Mi-chan.

The matsuri was taken place in a local shrine.

Very very nice food.

I was trying to dance with the locals.

Trying to catch the gold fishes with a paper net. I was so excited to play this because I always see this in Japanese comics. Hehe.

Very cute Maru-san (from Korea) playing some ball game.. not sure what issit called.

Lindi, Christy, Maru & me with our host families. We hang out together quite often as our host families are close friends.

Me and my youngest brother, you-chan (陽ちゃん), also my partner in crime. Hehe. 9 years old. I miss him very very much. He is planning to come visit me in Msia so hopefully I'll be able to see him end of this year.

I know this is taking too long. Finally, me and my host family again except the cute little girl in yellow yukatta (family friend's daughter). Another brother of mine, yuu-chan, 15 years old, had soccer lessons so he couldn't join us that night. I was really lucky to have such a nice host family. I wish I could stay longer.

Sunday, September 9, 2007





毕竟 一厢情愿的也是我


以前是这样 现在也是一样

Saturday, September 8, 2007


春天慢慢一点点发芽 快乐开始都有了想像
城市光合作用的模样 幸福开始组装

夜里满园的茉莉花香 月光洒落看不见忧伤
旋转木马前那个广场 爱情开始滋长

想你有时会缺氧 嘴角不自觉上扬
这是不是幸福的现象 胸口微微的发烫

想你有时会缺氧 脸红呼吸不正常
这是不是幸福的症状 不知不觉又缺氧

夜里满园的茉莉花香 月光洒落看不见忧伤
旋转木马前那个广场 爱情开始滋长

想你有时会缺氧 为何呼息不正常
这是不是幸福的症状 不知不觉又缺氧

无法移动的梦想 就算没有人鼓掌 我也不会受伤
不会稀释的信仰 心穿越砖墙 在你的身旁

想你有时会缺氧 嘴角不自觉上扬
这是不是幸福的症状 胸口微微的发烫

想你有时会缺氧 为何呼息不正常
这是不是幸福的症状 胸口微微的发烫

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kobe City Tour

Thursday, 26th of July
Our project composed of 2 main sections: interviewing the karaoke inventor and carrying out a Survey regarding Karaoke. It was a long, exhausting, but fun day. We spent the whole morning to write up the interview questions at the university. Then, we had a half-day city tour, guided by our lovely supporters. As our main topic was Karaoke, we were obligated to go for an hour Karaoke provided by the university which was really cool!! My first time going to Karaoke in Japan, the original Karaoke......

On our way to the train station after lunch. It was really hot about 34deg. I never walked so much in my life, climbing up and down the hill everyday, and I think I lost about 3 kilos in the 1st week I think. Haha. It was all fun but.

Pictures taken while waiting for the bus to take us to Kobe City Hall for a panoramic view of Kobe city. Olivia and I showing off our Sun umbrellas with UV protection, one of the must-buy items in Japan.

I've never seen such beautiful city - Just awesome. My most favourite city in Japan (in comparison to Osaka and Tokyo) because you can still see the ocean and the mountain.

Picture of me taken unexpectedly by Nic-san.

Group photo in Kobe City Hall 24F: (me, David, Manuel, Nic, Olivia & Amy). Lindi-san was missing as usual.

Our next attraction: Nankinmachi (南京町), Kobe's chinatown.

You can find lots of Chinese food here. I had some green tea ice cream which was really good.

Our big brother, Sumida-san (the head of supporters), a very trustworthy and reliable guy who graduated from Kobe university and currently completing his post-grad studies and working as a Japanese university teacher in Korea. He was always there to solve our problems, like Aladdin who would come out from his magic lamp anytime anywhere when we were in trouble, especially the very troublesome me: when I need an international adapter, when I took the wrong train and lost in somewhere, when I thought I lost all my money, when I lost my room key, when my train ticket was not working because of my stupidity, when I need money etc etc etc. All I can say is, thank you.

Finally, on our way to KA-RA-O-KE!!

I didn't sing much that day because I don't really know Japanese and even English songs that well. I sing Chinese songs but too shy to sing by myself. I was really surprised that the room was not only big, the sound system was brilliant and there were about 3-4 big thick song books with a variety of songs (yes including Chinese), free drinks, a small computer thing to search for your favourite songs.

Sort of a life-changing experience in participating in the hectic life of Japanese.